"It is EXCELLENT!!! I was so excited I had to email you. My husband and I watched it and he's going to help me accomplish those techniques. And tomorrow, we are going to watch the second one."

Bernelie L. Chong, Soldotna, AK

"Upon searching for a video or DVD on women's self defense, I ran across the usual Martial Arts presentations that take months to years of training and work well in a gym, but only the most proficient practitioners of these sophisticated arts can apply them on the street in real world applications.

What I was looking for was a simple, easy to remember and apply approach that a small woman could use. When I came upon your presentation that first considers the "Adrenaline Dump", my interest was peaked. After reading what you had to say about your observations of self defense, I knew you really had the key. As a former U.S. Marine sergeant, who saw at least one Marine's share of combat while leading a team, I became aware of the importance of keeping even some of the best trained men forward-focused while remaining in control of their fear when threatened. We all are going to feel fear and experience the adrenaline driven "Fight or Flight" response when threatened. Your information on how to direct and use this inevitable visceral response so that we respond effectively is absolutely priceless.

With your program the information first addresses being prepared, keeping our wits about us and behaving assertively. Then your defensive methods are extremely effective, only employing several basic maneuvers that are simple to learn, easy to remember and do not require a great deal of upper body strength. Just perfect!

I salute the DMM Group for a presentation well done and nicely affordable. Your material provides life saving tools that men as well as women can benefit from. Your approach works because it is simple and gets to the core of self defense."

Thank you,

G.J. Hargadon, Lewistown, Montana