The Truth is...

Most of what you have read or been told about women's self defense is just plain hog wash!

Did you know that most of what is taught in Women's Self Defense Seminars is all but useless in a real life attack?

99% of the Women's Self Defense videos teach techniques
that would never work on the street

Learning Self Defense at most martial arts schools will do
nothing but give you a false sense of security!

A Special Report:

Empowering the So Called "Weaker Sex"

Dear Friend,

After over 37 years of studying and teaching martial arts I can tell you beyond any doubt that most of what is being taught today in martial arts schools, women's self-defense seminars and videos... just won't work in a real attack!

It's true. And it's a darn shame. So many unsuspecting, poorly trained and totally clueless women are walking around with a false sense of security. Believing that they would stand a real chance in an honest to goodness street attack or sexual assault.

Look at the numbers. They are real scary:

  • One rape or sexual assault occurs every two minutes.
  • One violent crime occurs every five seconds in the U.S.
  • 172 Women are physically and/or sexually assaulted every hour!
  • 261,000 rapes and sexual assaults occurred in the U.S. in 2000.
  • 90,186 forcible rapes in 2000 as reported to police.
  • In the year 2000, 2.8 % of college women experienced rape in a six month U.S. Department of Justice study.
  • 17% of rape or sexual assault victims were victimized by someone they knew!
  • One murder occurs every 34 minutes.
Statistics from: National Center for Victims of Crime - Year 2000

So what is wrong with most traditional training?

For the first 20 years or so of my own personal training, I taught much the same way everyone else did. Sure it worked fine in the studio (I own a martial arts school), but I often wondered if the women I were teaching would really be able to defend themselves if they needed to.

About that time a friend of mine invited me to train with his master instructor. He claimed that his instructor taught an awesome and realistic system of street self-defense. I was curios to see what this guy was all about, so I accepted. It didnít take long to realize that he was right.

After the very first session he had proved to me, without a doubt, that what I had been teaching my students most likely wouldn't work under the duress of real attack. This is what I learned:

  • The natural effect of real aggression causes what is called an "adrenaline dump". This fear induced high volume shot of adrenaline is normal and natural and cannot be stopped, even by experienced black belts.

  • The effects of this "adrenaline dump" can be devastating, especially if you are not prepared for it.

  • The main problem is that many of the techniques that are taught in traditional women's self defense training are too tricky or too complicated for the average person to properly execute. This is especially true under the duress of an all out street attack.

  • Techniques that are highly complicated tend not to be executed properly, if at all, when the pressure is on and adrenaline levels are high.

  • Many of the systems use joint locks and pressure points that require years of training to properly execute. Sometimes even when they are applied properly to someone who has an unusual amount of joint flexibility or a high resistance to pain, they donít work.

  • FBI journals indicate that a high percentage of attacks can be avoided using good verbal and spacial skills.

  • A great number of the techniques taught were not designed especially for women. They require too much upper body strength.

  • Many of the arts teach kicking techniques that are great for the studio or for sport competition, but are all but useless on the street. Unfortunately many of the practitioners of these arts are led to believe that they can really use these kicks effectively in a combat situation. They end up with a false security believing they can defend themselves with such techniques. In reality, if they ever have to really protect themselves, they can get themselves into trouble very quickly.

  • Many techniques require years of training or are just impossible to learn unless you are under the direct training of the master instructor. You cannot learn these properly from a video, book or seminar. They take years to perfect, even under the supervision of an expert instructor.

  • Allot of what is taught is just fluff! It doesn't stand a chance to work in a real attack!

So following my master's training, guidance and advice I went to work to develop such a system. Believe me, it wasn't easy, even for an 'expert' with over 20 years of training at the time.

We analyzed how, when and where most women were attacked. We found that many, if not most attacks, were preceded by some form of verbal assault or what we call the "Interview".

An interesting fact is that a very high percentage of attacks (as much as 90%, according to the FBI) do not come as a total surprise. In fact, a high percentage of attacks on women are by someone they know!

What I am talking about here is someone jumping out from behind a bush or parked car. No, more often than not, real attacks are usually preceeded by some sort of verbal exchange.

Knowing how to deal with this "Interview" can help you avoid most attacks from ever becoming physical.

The "bonus" to this technology is that should the aggressor still attempt to proceed with his physical assault, your mind and body will be in "high gear" to offer you the best physical defense as well.

We discovered that an effective solution to effective women's self defense must contain the following benefits:

  1. It had to address the inevitable "adrenaline dump" which is the natural effect of fear induced aggression.

  2. It had to be simple enough to teach students in days or weeks instead of years!

  3. It had to be effective regardless of the body type of the attacker.

  4. It had to be quick, effective and decisive!

  5. It had to address real street situations and sexual assault instead of the typical studio environment.

  6. It had to teach verbal and physical boundry setting skills as research has shown many physical confrontations can be avoided.

  7. It had to contain a minimum amount of techniques. This was necessary as research has shown that as few as a handful of techniques can be recalled when fully "adrenalized".

  8. It had to be designed to defeat a much larger and stronger attacker!

  9. It had to be easy to learn.

  10. It had to take into consideration that most women are weaker and have less upper body strength than men.

  11. Additionally it had to be direct, powerful and yet simple and straight forward enough to be taught through video based training.

During the next several years I searched everywhere and every way to simplify, and improve every aspect of our women's self-defense system. This search included going to seminars, visiting other schools, bringing in guest instructors and reviewing close to 100 self defense videos.

I purchased every women's self defense video and book that I could get my hands on.

I was sifting through masses of information to pick up a gem here and there. Slowly I made changes to what we taught and how we taught it. Constantly modifying, perfecting and refining our program to what it is today.

We looked at all the possible attacks, focused on the most common and developed a system that took into consideration the 'adrenal dump' which causes us to freeze up and lose fine motor coordination.

We eliminated any response that did not fit into this reality. We added more simple, direct and extremely effective strikes, moves and techniques that could be learned simply and easily. And, did not require years of training.

Finally we condensed this entire process into a simple, organized system of instruction. To help our students learn the system we decided to carefully put the entire process on DVD. It's done in a step by step manner so that even a total beginner can learn it.

The video we created is called:

Street Sense

"Smart Self Defense For Women"

This comprehensive women's self-defense video is now available to the public and contains:

  • How to effectively deal with the most common attacks against women!

  • The art of using good verbal and spatial skills to prevent many assaults from becoming physical in the first place.

  • Bedroom attacks! How to defend against someone attacking you in bed!

  • How to execute the "stop hit". This technique can stop even the largest attacker in his tracks!

  • Quick and effective defenses and escapes from non life threatening "annoyance" attacks.

  • The best way to escape safely from a car jacking attempt!

  • Protecting yourself from the most common of all mugging attacks.

  • Defenses from chokes and strangles.

  • Defending yourself when your attacker is on top of you with your back against the ground.

  • Learning the secrets of preventing verbal assaults from becoming physical!

  • Devastating and finishing counter attacks!

  • What to do if you are tackled and brought to the ground.

  • Strategic targeting secrets. Learning to striking the proper targets in just the right way.

  • Defending against attacks from the front and rear.

  • Our simplified system of "applied consistency". This is what makes our methods work under the adrenal rush... when others fail!

  • Effective defenses against attempted rape.

  • Defending and counter attacking a slap to the face!

  • Easy to learn step by step instructions. Every step illustrated and explained.

  • Produced in a way that leaning from home is easy and quick!

  • Plus much more...

Running time: Approximately 55 minutes
Available on DVD

You will learn all this quickly and easily, regardless of your athletic ability... in a way that's fun and exciting to practice! You will be able to use these techniques the same day you get the video!

Listen to what others are saying:

"As a women, it's important that your first strike is your best one, as you might not get a second chance. Shihan Pace's system is awesome. Quick, simple and easy to learn."

Dr. Laurie LaSorsa, Chester, NJ

"Great Video! Exactly what I was looking for, for my daughter and myself. What a bargain your video is!! And most of all - it's moves that we can do - we are both very petite and this video teaches that size doesn't matter. Thank you for a great product."

Tammy Hawkes, Powhatan, VA

"I am really happy with this video. I was looking for exactly this format; a practical guide that I can use to study and practice. I wish you could come here for a workshop!"

Aisha Sobh, Urbana, IL

"This video has good points and techniques...a good video."

FKU Enterprises, The Woodlands, TX

"Your videos are just exceptional, step by step and heavy on attitude. "

Margaret Bayntum, Peachland, British Columbia, Canada

"I used to have a fear of being attacked and not know what to do. Now I feel more confident that I can take care of my self. Thank you very much for ending my fear."

Sherry Weaber, Lawn, PA

"I am only 5' 1" and petite. I am glad I found something I can use in a real life situation. These videos are great!"

Lathsamee Sirowanta, Goleta, LA

"I found this video to be very realistic...with simple but highly effective defenses."

Mandy Martini, Cranbrook, BC Canada

"...easy to learn and very practical. Being a women and hearing about all the abductions that happen in today's society (even in small towns) I feel that these tapes give me a fighting chance to get away from an attacker. Thank you for the wonderful life-saving techniques!"

Lori Jay, Rochester, MN

"...quick and easy... you have a sense of security wherever you go. I recommend this to all ages. This is an excellent video."

Krystal Bland, Buffalo, NY

"This video is the first in my collection that is actually geared for women. It's a well done video with simple, straight forward moves that look highly effective."

Elizabeth P. Riviera, Glen Gardner, NJ

"I am a 5th Degree Black Belt and I teach women's self defense as well. I found many things that I can add to my teaching."

David J. Laviev, Wilsonville, OR

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PS Yes we are real instructors and I teach five days a week at our own dojo (training hall) but we are teaching skills that really do work for women in real life situations!

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